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My Time

"A day without cock to serve is a day not worth living." should be he only thought in a true servant of cock.

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Camping was never as much fun as the time I came across this guy who was camping nearby with his family. He had sneaked away from his family to use his dildo. He needed to keep his pussy ready for the Daddy who has been fucking him. It didn't take long before I convinced him that he would enjoy my cock much better than a piece of plastic.  By the end of the week he was worried that my fat cock had stretched his hole too much and his Daddy back home would punish him. Of course it didn't stop him from asking for one more fuck for the road.

A man's cock. Something every man has but they are all slightly different. To a fag each one is beautiful and must be worshiped. The cock is the fag's ruler and must be obeyed no matter what it wants and when it wants it.

Ever since he found the courage, or maybe just his desperate craving, to let a man fuck him, he has been in this position many times.  Today he was so desperate, he has begged his brother to fuck him. In a few moments his brother will be sliding his virgin cock into his brother. He will become a regular fuck for his brother.

It's his 18th birthday today and without a girlfriend he is searching for a fag to blow out his candle.  With a cock like his, you can be certain that the fags will be fighting over his cock.

They voted Tom the most likely to be a cocksucker on their dorm floor.  Tom isn't ready to admit it and they are teaching him how he should hold his mouth. Within a few minutes he will have he first cock in his mouth. It doesn't really matter to them if he is a faggot or not.  He is now their cocksucker.

When he took the job as shower attendant at the gym they were all members of, his friends began to wonder.  They didn't care if he was gay but they were now figuring out he was a common faggot.  After they tried his services, they knew he was a common faggot. They are planning to surprise cock sucking party this weekend.

Before he joined the Army, he only fucked girls. Now in the Army women who want his cock are rather scarce. His buddies showed him where to find the fags on the base and he was hooked on fucking fags. No more having to worry about their feelings or if your hurting them.  Just fuck and go.

He has come back to the place where his brothers declared him the family fag. They stripped him naked and tied his hands to the branch.  The first to slide their cock into his virgin hole was his older brother. His younger brothers laughed when he started screaming from the pain and begged his older brother to stop. They laughed even louder when he moaned from the pleasure the cock was giving him. While his younger brothers fucked him, his oldest brother stood next to him asking him how he liked being a bitch for  his  little brothers. Their virgin cocks didn't last long before filling him with their cum. They cut him down and laughed as the cum leaked from his brand new cunt while he cleaned their cocks. It was the family vacation that changed all their lives and helped them find their roles in the world. They are all pushing their parents to take them there again next year.




When he started college, he was very quiet and shy and the guys on his floor thought he was a fag. When he found out what they were saying, he called them together and showed them his credentials. Within a few hours some of the true dorm fags made themselves known when they begged for his cock.

It is not the first time he has had a cock in his pussy and last week he told some friends about his abduction fantasy and is thinking they set this up for him. What has him scared is the three men approaching him.  Each one sporting a cock bigger than he thought possible.  He has mixed feelings about this. Part of him wants to feel the  big cocks sliding into him. The rest of him is worried that they will rip him apart. No matter what, he will definitely have the cunt he has always wanted when they are done.

Pretty much every day you can find guys in their rooms with their cocks in their hand. It is this need for release that will eventually have him looking at his friends to figure out the most likely candidates to suck his cock. They will quickly separate between those destined to be cocksuckers and those that will be the men using them. Suck one cock and your a cocksucker for life. 

You're staying at your brother's house for a few days. Since he divorced his wife, it is just him and your nephew living there. When you wake up on your first morning there. you find your nephew sitting naked on the stairs. He smiles and says, "Dad sent me down to see if you wanted to join us for some morning fun. He says you are quite the cocksucker and can give me some pointers." By the end of your first day with them you start looking for a new job so you can move in with them.